How Can You Use Permaculture to Aid the Planet?

Make an impact on a global scale with permaculture training and service. Be met with humble gratitude in village communities as you become an expert in the field. 

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Overview of the Advanced Skills in Applied PDC Program

As a participant in all modules of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives and Living Ecology’s Advanced Skills in Applied Permaculture Design Course Program, you will receive two certificates:

1. Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

2. Advanced Skills in Applied Permaculture Design and Rural Development

At the same time, you will be immeasurably helpful in the life of local Indian farmers and villagers.

This is how the village welcomed the participants from Living Ecology’s program in 2015:


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This is What You Will Accomplish

Permaculture Internship International Aid in India via @livingecology

✓ Get Acquainted With Indian Culture

Start your journey at the Aranya Agricultural Alternatives farm. Orient yourself to to Indian culture, agriculture, and permaculture practices. Water harvesting for watershed restoration and farm use are Aranya’s specialties. This is the perfect location to learn Indian permaculture as well as plant identification and uses. Through the practicum, you will help expand your knowledge of permaculture best practices. This farm is an oasis and excellent example of rain-fed agriculture in the drylands.

✓ Study Social & Environmental Aspects of the Community

You will learn from, listen to,  and get to know the very villagers you will be helping. Trust, respect, and friendships are mutually built during this time. This is a very important part of engaging in a beneficial aid project. Make an evaluation of what is needed and decide on an approach to take in your design project.

✓ Design & Implement a Permaculture Project on an Existing Farm

Design and implement your very own permaculture project in the village or on a villager’s farm land.  These projects are functional permaculture model farms that inspire other villagers about the possibilities. Learn mapping and project skills to become a permaculture consultant in your home country or in other places around the world.

✓ Explore India or Head Home to Renew Your Visa

For those completing the entire program, there is a 2 month break in the course modules, due to extremely hot weather. You can take this opportunity to explore India or return home to work (this is a good time to exit the country and renew your visa).

✓ Plant Food Forests, Crops, and Living Fences

The planting phase of the program will begin in the middle of June, along with the rainy season in this area. With your help, food forests, annual food crops, and live fences will be planted on a local farm.

Advanced Skills in Applied Permaculture Design Program via @livingecology

✓ Become Dual Certified

A follow up report is required for certification the year after you participate. Many aid projects are carried out without evaluation of how they actually benefited the target community. You will get to see for yourself how far your efforts reached, learn from the successes and problems of the project, and follow up with your farmer/client. Are you ready to apply?

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Fund Your Permaculture Journey

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