Gain Permaculture Skills, Aid the Earth,
Benefit Villagers in Rural India


Join us for our Permaculture Design Certificate Course and our Advanced Permaculture Courses which will prepare you to design your land and/or start a Permaculture Business.

Living Ecology courses are an excellent blend of classroom theory, experiential learning, and social permaculture.


1. Permaculture Design Certificate Course

     November 9-21, 2019

2. Permaculture Teacher Training

     November 23-28, 2019

3. Rain Water Harvesting

     December 1-6, 2019                

4. Mapping to Scale and Landscape Graphics

      December 7-11, 2020

5. Permaculture Solutions for Drought Mitigation and Climate Change

      December 14-15, 2019

6. Permaculture Design Process and Consultancy Skills

     December 20-24, 2019

7.  School Permaculture Design and Teaching Activities

      January 27-30, 2020

All participants who complete the required assignments will receive a course certificate of completion from Aranya Agricultural Alternatives and Living Ecology.

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This is What You Will Accomplish

Permaculture Internship International Aid in India via @livingecology

✓ Learning Permaculture Skills and Putting Them into Practice

Earn your PDC certificate, as you learn the wide scope of permaculture practices.  Continue on, and gain teaching or design consultancy skills to start your own permaculture business.  Drought proof your land as you learn how to plan and implement rainwater harvesting on your farm, restore water to dry wells and nourish a food forest or orchard.  Learn how to create a to scale map and create graphic permaculture design maps.  Delve deeply into design theory and process so you can make the best decisions for each site you work with.  Learn how to work with rural villagers and make an impact beyond your own farm, this is social permaculture in action.  Aranya has 30 years of experience working with thousands of villagers, and will share about building relationships and capacity with poor farmers.  Leave a lasting impact for generations to come, as you design a school site and learn fun teaching activities to create a school permaculture program.

✓ Having a Rural Indian Cultural Experience

Courses will be hosted at Aranya Permaculture Farm, a 20 year old dryland farm.  The farm is an oasis and an excellent example of rain fed agriculture.  Water harvesting for watershed restoration and farm use are Aranya’s specialties.  This is the perfect location to learn Indian permaculture,  plant uses, and traditional food preparation.  Practical hands on sessions will take place in nearby villages, where you will gain understanding of the real issues rural India is facing. We will talk with villagers and help them with solutions that will have a beneficial impact on their lives and the planet.

Advanced Skills in Applied Permaculture Design Program via @livingecology

✓ Become Certified

All participants who complete the required course assignments will receive a certificate of completion from
Aranya Agricultural Alternatives and Living Ecology.

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