What Students Say about Living Ecology Courses

Excellent use of experiential learning, combined with actually making a beneficial impact on the world!


My most important learning was how to observe the “water in the landscape, even when no water is present- evidence of past flows and patterns, and how to work with nature’s dynamics to actually reverse erosion and build soil (and forests) on bare rock.  Wow! 
– Lisa Cloutier



I am very, very, very thankful that I attended the course.  You became one of my favorite teachers.  I would love to attend more of your courses.
– Clince Lawerence


My favorite part of the course was the morning circle and the interconnection of the team, as I am a very private person and these morning circle energizers helped me a lot in opening up and understanding everything better.  The course was super interactive, super fun, super exciting and very informative.  I learned quite a lot.
– Julie

Cobb Oven Building

Cob Oven Building


Excellent course!  I loved the teaching methodology.  This course has provided me the tools to start mapping client’s lands.


Such an interesting and engaging course.  Great learning with a great instructor.
– Surabhi


The course was great!!!  I got every knowledge that I wanted to get from this course.  Raya’s facilitation was amazing.  Good balance of theory, practice, team, individual, serious, fun, right brain, and left brain.
– Mika


Loved the style of teaching and the attention to details.
– Anirudh


I am confident now to triangulate and make my own map and know for sure that it is correct.  I highly recommend this course.  Raya is a super awesome teacher.
– Malvikaa Solanki



The highlight of the course was the actual implementation.  This process really clarified a lot of concepts and helped make me more confident for future projects.  The teaching method was a great combination of learning by doing , and appropriate explanation of concepts and ideas through real life examples (images etc.).  This course has given me a lot of confidence to approach water harvesting projects.


My most important learning was working to build capacity with your clients to ensure they understand the “why and “how”.  The ripple effect could have an exponential effect on the permaculture knowledge succession of effective land and ecosystem regeneration.  “Doing is doing!”  Applying our learning in a practical project, actually providing help for a farmer and their land, while building capacity and knowledge that they can continue to spread to other people.
-Ryan Filanda


Beautifully structured course.  It takes time to lead us into the subject and eventually direct minds towards fieldwork.  I think the transition was smooth and helped us grasp the concepts – the why, how, where of earthworks very clearly
– Anushree Chitnis


You are an amazing teacher, please spread your knowledge to as many people as you can 🙂
– Surabhi Pandey


My highlight was tracing the erosion and deposition pattern to rebuild the image of water flow during monsoon season.  Just feel like I am a water detective.
– Han Lin