Narsanna Koppula

Meet India’s Premiere Permaculture Pioneer

Narsanna Koppula is a permaculture pioneer in India. Bill Mollison visited him in 1987 and created a Narsanna Koppula - Permaculture Instructor via @livingecologyvillage permaculture project. He is the cofounder of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, host to the next International Permaculture Convergence in November 2017. He is a permaculture activist whose focus for 25 years has been empowering poor rural communities. He educates and assists villagers in transforming their lands that grow GMO monocrops into food self sufficient permaculture farms.

He facilitates a large government watershed project that implements rain water harvesting and vegetative plantings on 37 500 acres of land. He has been responsible for planting millions of trees on government and private land. He is a strong advocate of tree based farming systems and rain water harvesting. His work brings much hope and knowledge to his drought affected state, as permaculture earthworks quickly make dry wells abundant. Their farm is a beautiful example of self sufficiency.

Permaculture Instructor’s Qualifications

He received his Permaculture Certificate from Permaculture International Institute, Australia and is a post graduate from Osmania University. Dr.Venkat has been his mentor and Bill Mollison and Robyn Francis, his permaculture instructors – learning from the most renowned in the field. Narsanna was on the Board of the Permaculture Association of India and served for 12 years (1986 to 1998) as Director and General Secretary of Deccan Development Society, a premier NGO working on sustainable agriculture.

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