Advanced Permaculture Program

This is What You Can Do in 2019

After working in India again last year, Living Ecology has made some beneficial changes for the local villagers and program participants.

Living Ecology Interview from SOL on Vimeo.

When you make the decision to participate in 2019’s Advanced Skills in Applied Permaculture Design program, you will now be able to help the same farmers, and receive even more value from the program. Shorter course modules allow local residents of India and international students to complete one or more modules at a time.

What Will You Earn?

Advanced Skills in Applied Permaculture Design Program

In this revised program, you will be given the opportunity to participate in one or more of 10 course modules. When you complete the entire course, you will receive two certifications:

1. Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) from Aranya Agricultural Alternatives and Living Ecology.

2. Advanced Skills in Applied Permaculture Design and Rural Development

These certifications will help you take your newly learned skills to help spread this work to the rest of the world.

Who Should Apply?

… If you have a serious interest in permaculture, you should. Anyone with a desire to learn advanced permaculture principles and provide aid to those who need it most should apply.

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Advanced Skills in Applied Permaculture Design Program Outline

The current advanced permaculture course offering from Living Ecology is broken down into 10 modules. Some of these courses can be attended individually.

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